Budget Committee
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Budget Committee
16 School St.
Allenstown, NH

Hours of Operation:
Meetings on Thursdays
at 6:30 p.m.
Dates and locations vary

The Municipal Budget Committee works with town department heads to prepare a town budget for submission to voters at the March town elections. (Town budgets run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.) Beginning in the summer, the committee meets monthly to discuss department budgets for the following year.

Next meeting: Thursday, Nov. 9, 6:00 p.m., at the new Community Center on Whitten St.

Meetings become weekly or bi-weekly as needed during October to January as department budgets are reviewed, revised, and finalized. Before the end of the year, the School Board and Sewer Commission present their proposed budgets to the budget committee, which can only recommend changes, not require them. Finally, warrant articles for financial items are reviewed and all is prepared for the town deliberative session held in late January prior to the March elections.

The Budget Committee consists of up to 12 residents who are elected at the March town elections for one-, two-, and three-year terms. The year next to each name is the year that the term of office ends, specifically the day after the March elections. Vacancies are filled, if necessary, as appointments by the Budget Committee, drawing on volunteers from the community.

Committee Members:
(A year) = appointed for one year

Carol Angowski, 2015-2018
Melaine Boisvert, 2015-2018
Debra Carney, 2017-2020
Dave Coolidge, 2017-2020
Ronnie Cox, 2017-2020
Keith Klawes, 2016-2019
Roger Laflamme,2017-2020
Chad Pelissier, 2016-2019
Tiffany Ranfos, 2015-2018
Fran Severance, 2016-2019
Jeffrey Venegas (A 2018)
Mark Wilder, 2016-2019

Selectmen's Rep.:
Dave Eaton

School Board Rep.:
Kris Raymond

Town Administrator:
Shaun Mullholland

Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Agenda for next meeting

Budget Committee Minutes

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