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Town Budget Process and Elections

A Town Election take place yearly on the second Tuesday in March.

Candidates for town, school board, or sewer commission positions must file an application and collect a number of signatures. Warrant articles may also be submitted. Contact the town clerk for details.

But if you wait until election day to participate, you have missed the most critical time period, the Budget Process. This process begins in May with the Selectmen issuing guidelines to department heads (such as "cut spending"). The Selectmen hold several meetings with department heads beginning in September and arrive at a set of proposed budgets some time in November.

The selectmen then present these budgets to the Budget Committtee, which may make its own adjustments to each department budget. The School Board and the Sewer Commission also present their budgets for review.

In January, the Budget Commitee holds a public hearing at which voters can ask questions about the budgets, and then holds a deliberative session at which voters may proposed changes to the town, school, or sewer budget. The resulting budgets, plus any warrant articles, then become part of the ballot which you vote on come election day in March.

➤ 2018 Town Budget Process - Provides details on the town web site.
➤ Town Meeting Schedule - Provides a calendar of events ending with the town election on March 13, 2018.

Quick Views of the Budgets

While everyone is busy figuring out department budgets for the following year, these same departments are spending tax money from budgets that were approved by the voters in March of the current year. The town web site contains budget narratives, budget spreadsheets, and other documents.

For a graphical view of the budget documents, go to the
Department Budgets page.

Town Election

For details on the 2018 budget process and town election (or prior elections), use one of the following local links:

➤ 2018 Town Election (TBD)

➤ 2017 Town Election
➤ 2016 Town Election
➤ 2015 Town Election
➤ 2014 Town Election
➤ 2013 Town Election
➤ 2012 Town Election
➤ 2011 Town Election
➤ 2010 Town Election

Warrant articles are legal questions asking the voters for approval for any of the following reasons:

  • To spend public funds for special one-time purchases
  • To add public funds to a capital reserve fund
  • To add, change, or delete a town ordinance
  • To decide a non-spending issue

Warrant articles typically originate from town hall, the zoning board, the school board, or the sewer commission. They may also originate by public petition, which requires that the author obtain at least 25 signatures of registered voters and submit the article by early January. Contact the Town Clerk for an exact deadline. Warrant articles that involve spending are reviewed by the selectmen and budget committee and either recommended or not recommended.

A sample ballot is available at Town Hall usually by late January. Additional information about candidates and warrant articles is published in the Hooksett Banner and on this web site.

National and State Elections

A National and State Election takes place every two years on the first Tuesday in November. Be sure to vote out of office those candidates who would like to keep spending more of your tax money and legislate away more of your rights and freedoms.

Allenstown's state and federal officials include the following people as of the Nov. 8, 2016 election:

District Elected Official
U.S. Senate Maggie Hassan (D)
U.S. Senate Jeanne Shaheen (D)
U.S. Congressional District 2
(northern and western NH)
Ann McLane Kuster (D)
Executive Council District 4 Christopher C. Pappas (D)
State Senate District 17 John Reagan (R)
State Representative District 22 Alan J. Turcotte (D)
State Representative District 29 Carol M. McGuire (R)

For information about voting districts, legislators, and how they have been voting, check out the links in the right column.

➤ 2016 Presidential Election
➤ 2014 National Election
➤ 2012 Presidential Election
➤ 2010 National Election

For more information about the national election, go to the NH Secretary of State site.

NH Gov't.

State Voting Districts

Find Your State Legislator

Search Legilature Roll Calls

NH Executive Council

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