November 8, 2016 Presidential Election
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Town Hall
16 School St.
Allenstown, NH

Hours of Operation:
7:30 a.m.-6:15 p.m.
7:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m.
Fri. Closed

The following candidates are running for state and national offices on the Allenstown ballot. This list is valid for Allenstown only. Congressional Distict 2 candidates are shown for reference only. For ballots for other towns, or for lists of voting districts, see the State links to the right.

Important Dates:
State Primary Election – September 13, 2016
General Election – November 8, 2016

Allenstown Districts:
U.S Congressional District 2
Executive Council District 4
State Senate District 17
State Representative District 22 & 29

Pembroke Districts:
Districts are the same as for Allenstown except for the following:
State Representative District 20

Allenstown Election Results

The official election results are available. The winners in Allenstown [and statewide] are as follows:

President & Vice President:  Donald Trump and Mike Pence (Allenstown and Natiowide) [Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine statewide]

Governor:  Chris Sununu

U.S. Senator:  Kelly Ayotte [Maggie Hassan statewide]

U.S. Representative:  Jim Lawrence [Ann Kuster statewide]

The rest of the results for Allenstown can be found here:

 ➤ November Election Results - town web site

 ➤ November Election Ballot - local copy

The statewide election results can be found here. Select the "General Election WINNERS List."

 ➤ November Election results - statewide

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