Surprising Election Results
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Election Results to Take Note of

Election Day was cold and windy – too cold for the usual collection of candidates who greet incoming voters on the sidewalk. The postponed election came in with a vote tally of 385, slightly less than last year (400+). This is still very low considering the fact that there are about 3000 registered voters, or more precisely, 2615 registered non-voters.

Town Results

All the town warrant articles passed except the last one regarding tax abatements for charter schools. Some noteworthy results included the new pump station (article 12) which passed by 248-116 and the sewer assest management project (article 13) which passed by 268-90. Overwhelming majorities approved the town budget (276-86) and the sewer budget (287-72).

Several new people joined the ranks of Allenstown officials. Ryan Carter became the new Selectman, Chad Pelissier was approved as Sewer Commissioner, and Ronnie Cox, Roger Laflamme, Debra Carney, and David Coolidge took the four open Budget Committee seats. Roger Laflamme was also elected as Trustee of Trust Funds.
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School Results

On the school side, the "unaffordable but we don't care" $10.4 million school budget was voted down by a significant margin (134-235). Unfortunately for overburdened taxpayers, the excessive $10.2 million default budget became the new budget amount.

The 3-year teacher raises and paraprofessional raises squeaked through with less than a 20-vote margin. As a counterpoint, the School Resource Officer (SRO) article was soundly defeated by 109-266.

In the one contested race for school board, former school board chairman, Tom Irzyk, was elected. Incumbent, Carl Shaefer, was re-elected.
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