Musical Chairs at Town Hall
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Allenstown, NH

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Baird Out, Caruso Moves Over, Deputy Slot Open

It seems like there has been a case of musical chairs recently in the town government. Back in late August, the fire chief/building inspector was put on administrative leave for unknown reasons, then resigned, and was replaced by two contractors; the chairman of the Economic Development Committee resigned for unstated reasons; and then the administrative assistant resigned due to possible difficulties with management.

Things were quiet for a few weeks until it was learned that the deputy town clerk/deputy tax collector moved into the open administrative assistant position around the end of September. That position has disappeared from the town's Employment listings and now they are looking to hire a new deputy town clerk/deputy tax collector.

What You Can Do

You can always attend the Selectmen's meetings to keep tabs on, and question, what is going on at that level. Unfortunately, the October 2nd meeting was canceled at the last minute when only one Selectman showed up. With town offices being closed on Monday Oct. 9th for Columbus Day, the next Selectmen's meeting won't be until Oct. 16th.

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