Town Administrator Resigns
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Shaun Mulholland Gives Notice

At the Selectmen's Meeting on Monday Jan. 8, 2018, Shaun Mulholland turned in his resignation as Town Administrator (TA) after getting confirmation that he will have a new job as City Manager in Lebanon, NH. Just the job title implies a bigger salary. (Watch out for Hezbollah radicals! Oh, wrong Lebanon?) His final day will be March 8th.

He had been appointed Police Chief in 2006, and then moved into the Town Administrator position in 2013 after former TA Paul Apple moved on to a new position in North Hampton. The resignation was not a surprise since Mulholland had notified the selectmen in early December that he was in the running for the Lebanon position.

Mr. Mulholland was quoted in the news as being excited about this career step, but that he will miss the town where he has worked for nearly 24 years.

Allenstown Police Lieut. Michael Stark was chosen to be Interim TA and has turned over his duties to the Sergeants at the Police Dept. Mr. Stark is now in training under Mr. Mulholland, who will guide Mr. Stark through the Public Hearing on Jan. 13 and the Deliberative Session on Feb. 3, and then take a leave of absence.

In the meantime, MRI, a consulting company, has been hired to find suitable candidates for the position.

You won't find anything about this on the town web site other than a job description under Employmnent Opportunities. The Union-Leader and Concord Monitor did report the news. See the links at right.

What You Can Do

Bid Mr. Mulholland farewell and good luck, and then give Mr. Stark your support and wait and see how things turn out.

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