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Compassionate People Help Single Mom Escape the Tax Deed List

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"The board doesn’t want to hear it. We already heard it. ... The board made a decision. And the board’s sticking to that decision."

As reported in the Concord Monitor on August 15, those are the seemingly heartless and unsympathetic statements that Chairman Jason Tardiff sternly spoke to Angelique Holm of Fullum Circle at the July 24 Selectmen's meeting. She had attended with her three girls and several friends to ask for reconsideration. Mr. Tardiff apparently did not want to hear about the years of depression and anxiety that followed the death of both of her parents in 2012, and her subsequent, extended inability to deal with her financial woes. Selectman Eaton kept quiet and Selectman Carter was absent that night.

This Spring, she went to town hall to set up a payment plan but the town wouldn't agree to a plan that took more than a year to pay off the back taxes. Earlier in August she was finally able to deliver to the town clerk over $2,750 in back taxes. That left her with virtually nothing to live on for the near future, but it did take her off the tax deed list for now.

For the full story, which might have been called "The Town That Doesn't Care," go to the Concord Monitor articles listed on the right.

What You Can Do

Visit Ms. Holm at 25 Fullum Circle and offer your support. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" comes to mind.

Attend Selectmen's meetings to see what other questionable decisions they might make.


updated(Aug. 22, 2017) Upon further investigation on Aug.22nd, Ms. Holm explained that, to her astonishment and relief, a number of people banded together and paid off the rest of her back taxes. Can you say "Amen"? She said she was almost in shock at the outpouring of love and support from people in and around town, but she was so very thankful for all the people who have helped her in her time of need.

updated(Sept. 17, 2017) In a followup article in the Concord Monitor, these details emerged. People at the Allenstown Elementary School bought school supplies for Ms. Holm's three girls. Members of Grace Capital Church donated clothing, cash, and gift cards. One retired couple from Weare paid over $2300 for Holm's back taxes.

In contrast to the uncompassionate treatment that town officials gave her, compassionate friends, neighbors, and even strangers gave her an optimistic outlook on the future.

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