Town Hall
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Town Hall
16 School St.
Allenstown, NH

Hours of Operation:
7:30 a.m.-6:15 p.m.
7:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m.
Fri. Closed

The Allenstown Town Hall (or Municipal Building) is located at 16 School Street, a short distance from Route 3 and next to the Armand Dupont School. Built in 1900, this three-story red brick building is open to the public Monday to Thursday and houses several town departments.

Town Administrator

The Town Administrator is appointed by the Selectmen to manage the day to day operations of the town govenment. The Administrator provides direction to department heads and oversees town purchasing policies.


Name Title Phone
Shaun Mulholland Town Administrator 603-485-4276
Patricia Caruso Administrative Assistant
replaced Cindy Baird Oct. 2017

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk perform a variety of services including maintaining town records and vital records, registering vehicles and voters, preparing voting ballots, counting ballots on election day, and collecting dog license fees.

Tax Collector

The Tax Collector receives property taxes, yield taxes (gravel and timber), and current use change taxes. Property tax bills are due semi-annually, on July 1 (first half) and December 1 (second half).


Name Title Phone
Kathleen Pelissier Town Clerk/Tax Collector 603-485-4276 X116
Open - see
town web site's
Employment page
Deputy Town Clerk/
Deputy Tax Collector

Tax Map

The town has contracted with CAI Technologies, a Littleton, NH company, to provide the town with an extremely detailed, interactive, web-based tax map of all properties in the town. You can use it to look up details on your own property, to check out any property in town, or to look up property values of homes near you.

Town/School Moderators

The Town Moderator presides at the annual Town Meeting and Deliberative Session, held in January. The Moderator regulates the business conducted there, sets the rules of conduct, and announces the results of every vote taken. In Allenstown, the Town and School Moderator have been historically the same person.

"The election of the moderator in a town shall be at the annual meeting in every even-numbered year." RSA 40:1


Name Title Phone
Dennis Fowler Town Moderator/
School Moderator

Town Policies

The Town has enacted several policies to govern and guide town employees and officials in the proper completion of their roles and responsibilities. These policies can be found in several places on the town web site. One group of policies covers topics like ethics, hiring, finance, revenue, and safety. Another group relates to personnel policy and employee forms and documents. A third group concerns zoning situations.

Town Web

Town Administrator
Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Assessing Clerk
Building Inspector
Welfare Administrator

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