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Rules and regulations exist to provide a framework in which town government can operate in a fair and equitable manner toward all residents. These rules and regulations are compiled in Codes of Ordinances.

Note: 5/13/2016: Many of these ordinance documents are missing one or more of the following: title page, revision number and date, revision history. One would hope that they are the latest versions.

The Town Administrator has been apprised of that fact and will be taking action to incorporate the the missing information into the ordinances.

Town Ordinances

Town Ordinances cover the operation of town departments, licensing, building codes, safety, and enforcement. They are typically approved by the legislative body of the town in compliance with any relevant NH state statutes. They are not related to land use under zoning.

➤ Town Ordinances

Zoning Ordinances

Zoning ordinances regulate land use in compliance with any relevant NH State statutes. They are typically proposed by the Planning Board and approved by the legislative body of the town.

➤ 2017 Zoning Ordinances, Mar. 14, 2017

➤ 2017 Zoning Ordinances, 1/19/17 draft

➤ 2016 Zoning Ordinances, March 8, 2016

State Laws (RSAs)

State laws govern other aspects of government operations. Not satisfied with calling them "state laws," they gave them the name, "Revised Statutes Annotated" (RSAs). The statutes are grouped into Titles, Titles are subdivided into Chapters, and Chapters into Sections. There are currently LXIV titles (see if you remember your Roman numerals). LXIV = 26 (scientific notation).

For example, Title I, Chapter 3-B defines the Caretaker of the Old Man of the Mountain, who must be looking for another job by now.

➤ NH Revised Statues Online

A few handy access points to the RSAs are listed to the right.

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