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Starting Over

On March 20, 2017, the the Selectmen approved the jump-starting of the apparently inactive Economic Development Committee (EDC). This committee was created to promote economic prosperity in the town by attracting businesses that increase the tax base and also create jobs.

It is important to remember that private businesses should be creating the jobs. When the government creates jobs, your property taxes go up.

The Players

The committee includes at least one Planning Board member, one BOS member (Selectman Ryan Carter), and three residents of the town. The committee will have a minimal budget and the members will be unpaid. The town web page has some more details.


Name, E-Mail Address Title Phone
Michael Frascinella Chairman
Chad Pelissier Vice Chairman
Sandy McKenney Member
Open - how about you? Member
Ryan Carter Selectman (Ex Officio) 603-485-4276


Meetings are held no more than twice per month, usually on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. at town hall. Other dates may be chosen due to member scheduling conflicts.

Agendas are posted on the town web site. See the link under Related Sites.

Anyone for Marketing?

It seems like this committee needs to develop a marketing campaign whose goal is to sell businesses on the idea that Allenstown is the right place to set up shop. A marketing campaign is usually designed as a well-planned series of steps that promotes a product (like Allenstown) by using different media (such as commercial and public television, radio, print, web sites, Facebook, and targeted phone calls) to convey a variety of different types of advertisements and promotional materials. To be successful, the committee's budget must be commensurate with the task.

Founding Documents

The following town documents relate to the EDC:

 Resolution to re-create the EDC
This resolution was approved by the BOS on Mar. 20, 2017.

 EDC Project Scope
This document, dated Oct. 26, 2016, unfortunately restricts the EDC to the downtown area near the old China Mill.
"The scope of economic development really needs to focus on the market area which includes the entire Suncook Village in Allenstown and Pembroke."

Targets for Development

While downtown redevelopment sounds like a promising endeavor, it includes Pembroke's more business-oriented side of Suncook Village. Pembroke, if you recall, is the town that has been unsuccessfully suing Allenstown for some of the profits of the Allenstown Sewer Department. But let that go for the time being.

Property worth marketing is along the Route 3 & 28 corridor. Investors are needed for vacant properties like Big Jim's Outlet, the old Concord Warehouse property, the former sawmill on Chester Turnpike, and acres of town-owned land between Holiday Acres and the Hooksett town line.

Bottom Line: Results

A result that would be encouraging to residents and taxpayers is news from the EDC about businesses that ARE planning to open up in town. We need some tax relief!

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